Tarnish-free, Care-free Brass For a Lifetime

The Lifetime Finish from Baldwin remained unblemished after testing over a thousand hours in salt spray and simulated weather conditions of heat, ultraviolet-rays, cool moisture and humidity. The finish is impenetrable to any known standard hardware test. Even under such hard abuses, The Lifetime Finish is just as bright and lustrous as the day it was manufactured. Truly carefree, the finish is maintained simply with glass cleaner and soft cloth. In addition, the Lifetime Finish process is environmental friendly. Baldwin takes extraordinary care and pride to avoid any harmful impact on the environment. Baldwin's finishing process incorporates highly evolved vacuum technology with a unique method of finish preparation for solid brass hardware. A series of layers using semi-precious materials is bonded at a molecular level onto the solid brass to create an impenetrable surface. This process is completed in an environmentally controlled room that seals out all potential contaminants. Computerized quality control systems assure a perfect finish every time.



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