Swing Clear Hinges

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When open a door with a Swing Clear Hinge will be clear of the opeing

Great for wheelchair access ADA applications

swing clear hinge


swing clear hinge
  • Equipped with easily seated non-rising pins
  • Reversible flush tips and pins
  • Ideal for remodeling or new construction
  • Available for full mortise application on square edge doors only
  • Designed to replace existing 3 1/2" (89mm) or 4" (102mm) hinges for Swing Clear openings (some preparation modification typically required for residential use)
  • Designed to swing doors completely clear of the opening when door is opened 95°
Maintenance Instructions
Maintenance of F and FBB hinges
As a general rule, hinges are to be lubricated every six months. Use Shell Darina #2 or equivalent heavy bearing grease*. Wipe excess grease and dirt from hinge.

This is a general procedure and it should be recognized that high use of door openings or exterior applications may demand more frequent servicing.

* To lubricate hinges, extract pins and wipe or dip with grease. Reinsert pin. Grease will work into load bearing surfaces. Wipe excess grease and dirt from hinge.

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