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FritsJurgens - System M

Self Closing

fritsjergens M pivot

Closer Body is Concealed into the bottom of the door

Fritsjergens pivot closer work on 36" Doors up to 650 lbs
Larger doors will lower max weight

Minimum Door Width  1.58"

Single or Double Acting

Interior or Exterior Doors

Hold Positions at 0, 90' - 90'

Self Closing from -125' to 125'
(without hold open set)

Adjustable Closing Damping (Soft Closing)

Adjustable Hydraulic Back check

Surface Mounted Floor Plate


fritsjergens door size

To ensure the pivot hinge provides the appropriate door
movement for your door, Fritsjurgens® has made System M available in five models. Each model offers a different closer strength tuned to handle specific door panels depending on the position of the pivot, the width of the door and its weight.

If you require a system for a pivot door that does not appear here, do not hesitate to contact us. Fritsjurgens® has an
on-site testing facility which enables us to determine whether our systems are suitable for your specific situation.


Step 1: Determine A – distance of rotation point to the latch side of the door
Step 2: Determine C - width of the door
Step 3: Determine KG – weight of the door
Step 4: Determine which system is suitable for your door

System Pricing
Use chart above, or call us to confirm closer spring size/model number
SCA 36" door   150 pounds $ 1,475
SCB 36" door   242 pounds $ 1,510
SCC 36" door 352 pounds $ 1,725
SCD 36" door 529 pounds $ 1,950
SCE 36" door 650 pounds $ 1,995
SCF 36" door 857 pounds $ 2175
SCG 36" door 1011 pounds $ 2350

Lead Time 1-2 Weeks

pivot Selector


More Information Install Manual



Fritsjergens System One

Pivot only

fritsjergens system one

Pivot is Concealed into the bottom of the door

No Structural Elements in the Floor or Ceiling

Works on Doors up to 1100 lbs
with max distance of 72"
from pivot to edge of door

Minimum Door Width  1.58"

Single or Double Acting

Interior or Exterior Doors

FritsJergen System One Bottom Pivot
FritsJurgens pivot sytem 1 SystemOne is integrated into the lower part of the door. The oval base of the hinge is inserted into the slot in the floor plate.
A stainless-steel floor plate with an oval recess is fitted to the floor. The base of the hinge fits seamlessly into the recess in the floor plate.


FritsJergen System One Top Pivot
FritsJurgens pivot sytem 1 A stainless-steel ceiling plate is fitted in the ceiling. The pin of the top pivot fits seamlessly into the hole in the ceiling plate.
The top pivot is integrated into the top of the door and uses a so-called pin/hole connection. The pin is fixed to the top pivot and drops into the hole in the ceiling plate when this is turned.



Fritsjergen System One Pivot
$ 699.99

System One Bottom of door Prep

more information Install Manual


Fritsjergens System 3

Self centering at 0',90',180',270'

fritsjergen system 3
fritsjergen bottom pivot

Closer Body is Concealed into the bottom of the door

Works on Doors 36" up to 1100 lbs

Minimum Door Width  1.58"

for Double Acting Doors

Interior or Exterior Doors

Surface Mounted Floor Plate

Great for doors that pivot from center
door will always move to the
0',90',180',270' position

FritsJurgens pivot stops

FritsJurgens bottom pivot
System 3 bottom plate and closer

FritsJurgens pivot top
System 3 top


System 3 Models
Model # Max Door Width Price
F9016 25" $ 1,29500
F9020 32" $ 1,355.00
F9024 39" $ 1,405.00
F9028 59" $ 1,465.00
larger doors possible but will have less closing force



More Information Install Manual




FritsJurgens sytem FritsJurgens sytem
FritsJurgens pivot sytem FritsJurgens pivot  sytem




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