Multi-Point Mechanism

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Multi-point Mechansm with Shoot Bolts and One Point Replacements

Check your handle height and Configuation first
Minimum Handle Height 37 5/16"
Profile Cylinder below lever - 92 mm spacing
We do not have replacment mutli-point parts
This will create a complete system
Verify all parts to see how much door modification will be needed
multi-point locks
Mortise Case Dimensions

Standard Lever Height 41 5/16"
Max Height with Standard top bolt 82 11/16" and handle height of 41 5/16"
if you cut the bottom the overall height will be effected

multipoint shootbolts

Lock and Rail door Groove
16mm Eurogroove



A $ 219.99 3 point lock

35 mm backset A41455.35.09.853
50 mm backset A41455.50.09.853
55 mm backset A41455.55.09.853
B $ 14.99 Top Shoot Bolt
top shootbolt terminal 180mm (7”)
for doors up to 82" without extension
E $ 14.99 BottomShoot Bolt
bottom shootbolt terminal 120mm(4-3/4”)
not needed if lever height is 41 5/16"
F $ 19.99 Extension 200mm Extension 200mm (7 7/8")
for doors up to 90"
F $ 24.99 Extension 400mm Extension 400 mm (15-3/4")
for doors up to 98"
F $ 29.99 Extension 600mm Extension 600 mm (23-5/8")

for doors up to 106"
If Bottom Rod is cut, that must be taken into account on top rod and extensions
C $ 4.99 Top Stike for shoot-bolts - Silver
C $4.99 Top Stike for shoot-bolts - SBrass
D $ 12.99 Bottom - Silver
Thimble Strike with Dust Cap
Cap size 21mm
D $ 14.99 Bottom - Brass
Thimble Strike with Dust Cap
78414OT dust strike, brass
Cap size 24mm
Unitop Installation Guide Multi-point replacement trim Specifications  
Dimensions Page      

One Point Replacment Boxes

A simple way to replace a Multi-pint mechanism is to use a 1 point box
Cut top and bottom rods and use this box that offers a deadbolt and latching Functions
Available in 5 backsets (25,30.35,40,45 mm)
Strike and front Available in Silver, Bronze and Brass finishes
Mortise Box $90.00


Strike $20.00




Profile Cylinder to American Conversion

The Profile Converter enables the European Style Mortise case to be operated by American Cylinder

All Metal Construction.
works with 5mm spindle or
2 mm Flat Tail Piece
$ 32.00


All Metal Construction.
works with 2 mm Flat Tail Piece







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