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Now you can install and adjust doors
& windows quicker and easier than
ever before. Truth’s Jamb Jacks are a
specially designed fastening system for
mounting door & window frames into
rough openings. Jamb Jacks replace
the shims used to square the window or
door in the rough opening.
Door Jamb Insert
.99 ¢
Window Jamb Insert


Door Jamb Jack Screw
59 ¢
Window Jamb Jack Screw

59 ¢


Torx Driver Bit
Torx Screwdriver
$ 4.99


Cover Cap
49 ¢

1. When installing the Jamb Jack III
screw into the frame, make sure that
the screw snaps twice into the insert.
2. Truth recommends that six Jamb
Jacks be used in every door application
(three per jamb) and four be used in
window applications (two per jamb).
NOTE: Additional Jamb Jacks may be
required for window applications
depending upon the size of the unit.
3. White Finishing Cap may be
painted to match non-standard colors.
4. T25 Torx Driver is required for
installing and adjusting Jamb Jack III
Screws. Not available from Truth
5. Solid shims are recommended
behind the strike plate locations on
door jamb installations.
6. Due to the design of both Jamb
Jack II and Jamb Jack III, neither
system can be removed once they are
installed. Care must be used when
selecting installation points for any
Jamb Jack unit.
Using the unique adjustable “screws”
(Jamb Jacks) a single unit can be
installed without shims in just minutes
Jamb Jacks provide quick and precise
window and door adjustment at the
time of installation and when future
problems develop caused by foundation
settlement. No more need to tear apart
a door or window to re-shim it. By
simply turning the Jamb Jack screws
all necessary adjustments can easily be
made while the unit is in place.
Jamb Jacks are available for most
wood door and window systems,
including residential, light commercial
or replacement applications, with
wood or masonry openings.
Steel screws. Acetal insert and
finishing cap.




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